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My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia, episodes 1-3

  1. I really hope this gets a decent dub and finds mainstream success as a before-school cartoon. I love the messages they are developing here: passion, dedication and hard work are important; heroes are defined by their attitude, not their power; you can do a lot of good in your community without chasing glory.
  2. Coming off the back of One Punch Man, it’s impossible to avoid comparing the two shows. Whereas OPM was a loving but somewhat cynical parody of superhero tropes, Academia embraces them wholeheartedly. (As for the character comparison: imagine the true hero of OPM, Mumen Rider, was bestowed with Saitama’s abilities, and you’ve pretty much got Izuku. This is a good thing.)
  3. I’m glad they spent a quarter of the first cour on character development. It’s laid a solid foundation for the slugfest I expect we will see as it moves forward. Having a clear sense of Izuku’s motivation will allow the pace to pick up without becoming a bland exercise in fight choreography.
  4. The art in this thing is gorgeous, especially the faces and the movement. It’s very dynamic. Look at the gif above: the rotation of the background gives it real depth, without resorting to CG or lens flares or any of that nonsense. Simple but effective. The montage of superheroes in the first episode was stunning and fluid, so I’m really excited to get into the tournament and see how all these Quirks are depicted.
  5. Speaking of tournaments… The last tournament show I watched was World Trigger, which burned the audience pretty badly — they had 63 episodes with a whole lot of filler, but then killed it before the last match of the tournament? Come. On. (I know it’s unfashionable to like World Trigger, but I do and you can eat me.)