In other words, “commenting” does not equate to “understanding”

Welcome to Five Observations, an anime and pop culture podcast! Each episode, I will share five things I have been thinking about.

In this instalment: much-needed validation, the naive libertarianism of Kino’s Journey, Thimbleweed Park’s point-and-click nostalgia, maximum respect for simulcast translators, and the best and worst of the summer season.

I’m Robert, and here are Five Observations.

1. I’ve joined the Giga Drill Breakdown podcast network!

2. Kino’s Journey’s legal philosophy is embarrassingly naive, but at least it’s trying?

3. Thimbleweed Park is shamelessly nostalgic — but it’s a good game, too.

4. Maximum respect for simulcast translators.

5. The best and worst of the summer season.

My dumb thoughts about dumb stuff


  1. The past couple of years I have been sliding into anime fandom. I’m not sure exactly what started it. I’ve always liked cartoons; we mostly got Western shows, but my dimly-remembered childhood involved Astro BoyVoltronSailor Moon and Samurai Pizza Cats. It was probably Attack on Titan that pulled me into the vortex of Japanese cartoons.
  2. The AAA Podcast‘s tagline is “making your anime addiction worse”, and credit where it’s due, they fulfilled that promise. I subscribe to a bunch of podcasts on a whole range of topics, and while I don’t listen to every episode of every show, I’ve listed the anime and tokusatsu podcasts I enjoy over yonder in the sidebar. Give them a go.
  3. I’m going to try to track what I’m watching using MyAnimeList, so if you’re interested you can check out what I’ve seen, what I’m currently watching, and what I’ve dropped. This site will be mostly about anime, but I’ll probably end up commenting on other TV, comics, games and that kind of thing.
  4. The header image for my blog is from the opening titles of BBK/BRNK or Bubuki Buranki whatever it’s called. Not, I should stress, because it’s even close to being my favourite show — it’s just a convenient five-count image when the whole gimmick of this site is five-point lists. I decided that if I gave the posts a clearly defined structure I would be more likely to keep up with it. We’ll see how that pans out.
  5. I like stairs. I’ve also started a Tumblr called Anime Stairs, and it does what it says on the tin.