In other words, “commenting” does not equate to “understanding”

Welcome to Five Observations, an anime and pop culture podcast! Each episode, I will share five things I have been thinking about.

In this instalment: much-needed validation, the naive libertarianism of Kino’s Journey, Thimbleweed Park’s point-and-click nostalgia, maximum respect for simulcast translators, and the best and worst of the summer season.

I’m Robert, and here are Five Observations.

1. I’ve joined the Giga Drill Breakdown podcast network!

2. Kino’s Journey’s legal philosophy is embarrassingly naive, but at least it’s trying?

3. Thimbleweed Park is shamelessly nostalgic — but it’s a good game, too.

4. Maximum respect for simulcast translators.

5. The best and worst of the summer season.