Few consumers of anime are motivated by a passion for legal philosophy

Sumo Dandies at their Daily Chores (from the Hokusai Manga)

Welcome to Five Observations, an anime and pop culture podcast! Each episode, I will share five things I have been thinking about.

In this instalment: Legal philosophy in anime, the lives and art of Hukusai and his daughter Oei, Grand Sumo, the good and the bad of the Summer anime season, and my early impression of Kamen Rider Build.

I’m Robert, and here are Five Observations.

1. Attack on Titan is a vehicle for Critical Legal Theory.

2. Miss Hokusai is a wonderful blend of biography and fantasy.

3. Sumo time!

4. We’re far enough into the season to pass judgment…

5. I’m trying not to get my hopes up about Kamen Rider Build.