You can’t fly if you only look at the sky

Macross Delta

Macross Delta, episodes 1-3

  1. I think this is the most thoroughly branded show I’ve seen. The art is a jarring mix of painted backgrounds, flat-coloured 2D art, and glossy CG machinery — but tyang it all together is a neon, 80s Walkure product identity, with W motifs everywhere. Even the way the characters are positioned in the frame forms W shapes.
  2. I have almost no prior understanding of the Macross universe, except that it includes transforming jet-mechs and magical songs that buff the fighters. I guess someone really loved playing a bard in D&D? I have to admit I was sceptical about how well you could bring a hardware fetish and idol fandom together into a coherent show, but actually I really enjoyed it.
  3. As for working out the different factions, what the space virus with a musical antidote is, all of that — I’m listening to the SpeakerPODcast to hopefully learn as I go.
  4. The paintball dogfight training exercise was genuinely suspenseful. In my head I knew Hayate Immelmann would pass the test, because duh of course he would, but my guts were worried about him when he rashly stalled the plane. I think it helped that Freyja Wion’s song was genuinely a decent pop song, and she has a good voice that held up during the a cappella part. It was nice.
  5. The mercats are a dumb idea (is there some connection to Singapore?) and they spent far too long chasing that unfathomably nimble aquatic Garfield around. The physics of its swimming were just awful — you can’t slap someone with a tail like that. I understand they were setting up Immelmann’s surprise aerial manoeuvre, but that was also the point where the physics broke down in the sky. But okay, he wants to air-dance, I can go with that as long as the music holds up over the series.

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