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Flying Witch - Tempura

Flying Witch, episodes 1-3

  1. The opening scenes of Flying Witch were powerfully nostalgic. They show the titular heroine Makoto Kowata in transit, travelling first by train and then by bus to a snowy rural town. On my first holiday in Japan, we took a similar journey to the snowfields of Nagano. The pace and beautiful art in these opening scenes captured the feeling of that journey perfectly: away from the thrum of a big city, to the quiet and contemplative atmosphere of a small town. That was enough to hook me.
  2. The second episode dropped another nostalgia bomb. On my second trip to Japan, I took some cooking lessons offered by home cooks, in their own homes. We learned about the produce that is traditionally eaten in spring. Young bamboo shoots, shiso leaves, strawberries, and so on. We didn’t try fukinotou, but we did make tempura, so watching the episode’s nice little cooking lesson again brought back fond memories.
  3. This show is like Studio Ghibli took a crack at making Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. The magic elements are much lighter and more realistic, and it’s not so much sitcom as a light drama. But while Chito the cat doesn’t talk, he still conveys the same perfectly sarcastic attitude as Salem.
  4. Magic in Flying Witch is presented matter-of-factly as part of the natural world, and the rural setting grounds it nicely. A screaming vegetable, flying brooms, a wonderfully strange man who ushers in spring, a simple ritual that summons crows. These things seem more like “old wives’ tales”, forgotten knowledge about how the world works, than the flashy displays of wizards or superheroes.
  5. The cast around Makoto are all charming, from the curious young cousin who is equally nervous and curious about the magical world, to the perfectly polite visitor who changes the seasons, to Makoto’s impulsive and powerful witch sister. This is not the kind of show that makes you excited, per se, but I am really looking forward to seeing who else we meet, and how Makoto develops her powers.

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