Shut up before I shut you up myself

Aggressive Retsuko photocopies her rage face

Aggressive Retsuko, episodes 1-2

  1. Anyone who has worked in an office environment, especially in cubicles or some other open plan monstrosity, will instantly relate to Retsuko’s plight. She just wants to get her work done and knock off at the end of the day and relax, but… well, hell is other people.
  2. This is an interesting entry into the growing “kawaii metal” genre. The structure of each episode, with chirping dialogue giving way to a screamo chorus, is very similar to Ladybaby’s Nippon Manju (incidentally, a pretty good song).
  3. As a recent father I have some sympathy for the pink hippo (?) in episode 2. It’s hard not to think about your kid while you’re away from them, but it’s important to remember that nobody else cares as much as you. I put some photos up at my desk where people can see them, and if they want to ask me about my daughter I’m happy to talk, but I never initiate those conversations.
  4. Number one jerk: definitely Buffalo Boss. Colleagues chatting about their tedious lives are annoying, sure, but a boss who dumps a mountain of busywork on your desk just as you are about to clock off is an utter shitstain. Stop for a moment and consider whether you do this — and it can go the other way: if you turn up at 5pm on Friday with something that needs your manager’s urgent consideration, then you are Buffalo Boss. Don’t be Buffalo Boss.
  5. I have no idea how the whole Sanrio family of characters works, but I take it there is a voting process to decide which ones get more attention and which get more or less dropped? I’m not sure, but I voted for Aggretsuko— “Special skill: deathmetal vocals” — just in case.

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